TEO is our oldest line of food, which has held a high market position for years. To this day, it is very willingly chosen by customers. It’s a matter of trust, which we have been working on for almost 30 years.

TEO has won many awards:

  • In the annual plebiscite organized by the Polish monthly Hurt & Detal, subsequent products of the TEO line reliably receive the Golden Receipt award.
  • The title of Best Product in Poland – Consumers’ Choice (a plebiscite conducted by the renowned research institute GfK) has also been awarded to our brand for years, as has the Pearl of the FMCG Market emblem.

Recently, the graphic design of TEO received a completely new look. Nothing stands still and TEO remembers our beginnings, so for obvious reasons this line deserves to be refreshed. So we have good old TEO in a new style. A simple form, a clear message, animal illustrations created in our studio especially for this line, presented with a pinch of salt, direct communication, all this added lightness and further shortened the distance between our brand and you.

What are the characteristics of TEO cat and dog food?

TEO food is made of completely natural ingredients, without artificial additives, dyes and improvers. We obtain all raw materials from friendly suppliers, from crops and farms located far from the pollution of large agglomerations, which is an additional guarantee of good quality. TEO food is an easily digestible and tasty meal with excellent digestibility, which you can clearly see by the correct consistency of your pet’s stool.

Proven TEO dry foods

Dogs and cats primarily need good quality meat in their diet, but not all the ingredients necessary for a healthy life can be provided by meat alone, which is why it is so important to alternate feeding so
that the pet’s menu also includes dry food that complements the missing ingredients. Every pet owner also appreciates the convenient form of feeding dry food, especially when the pet must be left alone at home. Dry food stays fresh much longer than wet food. It is also more caloric. 100 g of dry food provides four times more energy than the same amount of wet food. Remember that dry food has low moisture, so do not forget about your pet’s constant access to water. In our offer you will find dry dog food of this brand in 1 kg, 2.7 kg, 9 kg, 15 kg, 820 g and dry cat food in 400 g and 800.

TEO dry food is a complete food characterized by a high content of protein of animal origin, the right proportion of the mineral-vitamin complex, and for cats, taurine, which is necessary for the proper
functioning of its body.

Healthy wet food TEO

TEO line includes 415 g cans of wet food for puppies and adult dogs, for which we also offer 850 g and 1250 g cans. Dogs love these meat pieces in a delicious sauce. Additionally, you can choose single-packed meals in convenient Alupacks and sachets or easy-to-portion bars. For cats, 415 g and 850 g cans, Alupacks and sachets with a mix of flavors, as well as a four-pack of sachets for kittens and nursing cats.

All our foods have closed ingredient composition, which means specific names are provided on the packaging, not category names. This form of transparent information leaves no room for interpretation, so you know exactly what the product contains.

Why is it worth using TEO?

Customers appreciate the TEO line of dog food and cat food because it maintains the perfect balance between good quality and affordable price. Over the years, many loyal customers have trusted us, including – interestingly, the titular dog Alex from the popular detective series in Poland. Yes… TEO food “played” in the movie. Since then, the popularity of this line has increased even more, which makes us very happy.

  • 100% natural ingredients – We choose raw materials grown on local and certified Polish
    farms, located in regions of fertile soil and clean air
  • Properly balanced formula – Supports the immunity, ensures the proper condition of skin
    coat, bones and maintains teeth and gums in optimal health
  • Advanced, low-temperature technology – Captures the aroma & keeps that great meaty
    taste that all pets enjoy – even the picky ones!
  • Rich in meats, easily digestible – Teo is a high quality dog & cat food rich in meats, easily
    digestible with a composition strictly adapted to the nutritional needs of your pets
  • No artificial preservatives or dyes – Does not contain any preservatives or dyes
  • 100% complete – It is 100% complete providing the body with all the ingredients necessary
    for a healthy and proper development
  • High production standards – High production standards and collaboration with research
    centres under the supervision of specialists
  • Quality and safety – Quality and safety confirmed by international certificates:
    o BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certification
    o ISO 9001 Quality management Certificate
    o HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) System Certificate
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